Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hosta - Beautiful Shade Tolerant Plants

Hostas may be the perfect plant for shade gardens.

If you are looking for the perfect plant to grow in a "shade" garden, you have just found it!  The hosta, or "plantain lily" as it is sometimes called, is perfect shade tolerant plant. There are over 2,500 different varieties of hostas, from as small as 2 inches in height to others of more than 36 inches. 

Their colors can range from white, yellow, gold, green, blue and many different variegated species. They are perfect for those areas of your flower garden, or yard that don't get much sun. Plant them as borders, background plants or showcase them for spectacular beauty. 

Hostas are hardy perennials in zones 2 - 10 and once established are easy to maintain. To learn more about growing, care and dividing your hostas, read more here...How to Grow Hostas - Beautiful Shade Tolerant Plants.

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