Friday, May 15, 2015

Iris Flowers From My Garden

Purple Bearded Iris
Photo source: sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography

Spring has sprung and the cold, icy weather is behind us for another year. The weather is warming up and the flowers are beginning to bloom. One of my favorite flowers for spring is the bearded iris. I never grew iris until I moved out into the country and many of them had been planted here by the previous owners. I fell in love with their beauty the first time they bloomed! 

The blooms are small but so beautiful!

 There is a rock ledge on one side of our property and the previous owner had lined part of this ledge with these iris. These blooms are not the largest I have seen but they put on such a show when they all bloom at the same time along this ledge.

   These blooms are rather small but they are white with small purple stripes around the edges and they bloom like crazy! 

My favorite would have to be these purple ones. Their blooms are large and they have the sweetest smell! I have these planted in different areas around my yard and I can smell their sweet scent as I walk near them.

As far as the “showiest”, I guess that’s a word, would have to be these. I don’t know the name of this particular species, but the blooms are a deep purple and yellow and they stand out so beautifully! I have these planted around one of my trees where they get some shade during the heat of the day.

I had transplanted some of the dark purple and yellow ones to a more sunny location last year where they get full sun all day and when they bloomed, their colors were not as rich, but they are still beautiful! I had created a small flower bed behind the rain gauge that hubby stuck out in the yard. It looked rather lonely, I thought, out there all by itself. Now the iris have grown around it to the point that we can barely read it! (Yeah, I am hearing about it.) LOL

I am also particularly fond of the white bearded iris. White flowers just have a beauty and purity that is so simple. I love the way that during the dusky hours of the evening, when all the others flowers seem to fade into the darkness, the white flowers stand out as though they almost glow in the dark.

If you don’t have any bearded iris growing in your yard, think about planting some. They are hardy perennials that put on such a beautiful show in the spring time and their blade like foliage remains as an interesting addition to the greenery of your yard. 

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