Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My First Flower Purchase of the Year - The Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are always so bright and cheerful!
Photo source:  sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography

The threat of a freeze is over and I am so ready to get some color around the house! One of my favorite flowers for spring time is the gerbera daisy! They seem to have the brightest colors and perfect petals. Their color will brighten up a sunny spot in your garden or, in my case my porch.

Gerbera daisies are hardy in zones 10-11, I am in zone 7, but have had some I planted in a flower bed come back one year. However, they did not come back the second year. I really prefer to grow them in pots and have them on my porch. 

They are native to Transvaal, Africa but many varieties have come from the originals and they are one of the most popular flowers to use in but flower arrangements. They bloom in almost every color and have large beautiful blooms on long, thick stems. They are wonderful for cut flowers and will last for about a week when cut and put in water. I keep several flowers in a small vase in my kitchen almost all spring and summer. 

If you are in zones 10-11 and want to grow gerbera daisies outside, they grow well in average soil and prefer the soil to be kept slightly damp, but not overly wet. They also prefer full sun, but I would keep them away from the very hot late afternoon sun. 

If you want to add a beautiful splash of color to your yard or porch, I would not pass up the gerbera daisy! They are always one of the first flowers I buy in spring.

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