Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lantana – A Hardy Perennial for Summer Gardens

Yellow Lantana growing in one of my flower beds.

Living in southern Oklahoma, we can have some really hot and dry summers. I always have such a beautiful flower garden in spring when we have had some rain and the temperatures have not gotten too hot. Once summer comes along and brings on the 90 to 100 degree temperatures and forgets to bring any rain along with them, my flower gardens begin to fade.

I love bright colors in my gardens and try to keep some type of red and yellow flowers blooming all year long. However, when the temperatures reach 100 degrees and I am not able to water my flowers for one or two days, I lose some of them or they become sad looking and don’t recuperate well. I have found that my lantana withstands this very well. I have it planted in 2 different flower beds and it may become wilted looking, but with a good soaking, it will snap right back to its beautiful self.

If you are looking for a low maintenance flower that blooms all summer and withstand really hot temperatures, lantana is a must for you! It is a member of the verbena family and known to be very hardy. It is native to Africa and tolerates hot temperatures very well. 

The orange and red mix is one of my favorites!

Lantana comes in several colors, such as yellow, orange and red and blue and white. My favorite is the orange and red colors. The lantana I have planted grows more as a low growing mound rather than a bush as some. It will cover an area in my flower bed of about 4 feet around and 2 feet high with beautiful, long lasting color. Lantana is also great for attracting butterflies and bees.

If you are looking for a low maintenance plant that is drought tolerant and long blooming for a hot summer garden, lantana would make a wonderful choice!

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